Self-portraits, inspired by Frida Kahlo

Monday, October 18, 2021


During my break from digis, I thought of all the non-commercial projects I wanted to work on. I want to turn my favorite celebrities into the Holy Mother, I want to create some critters from my imagination (along the line of Chris Ryniak except my own and in my style), and I wanted to start creating self-portraits - to come to terms with my body dysmorphia and to experience myself from the outside looking in. My biggest inspiration for that last project is Frida Kahlo. Not only her art but also her words and the way she lived her life.

She is most famous for her self-portraits. Through these paintings she explored her feelings towards herself, her place in the world and her tumultuous relationship with fellow painter Diego Rivera. He was the great love of her life, but also a source of tremendous pain for her.

Like Frida, I’ve been the mother-wife. I’ve given too much of myself. And I’ve been overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy.

I don't know if I'll ever try to actually make a self-portrait in her style, but she inspires me to at least make self-portraits in my style, whatever that may be.

I encourage everyone to make self-portraits. It's fun and comforting, in a way, to take a look at yourself through the lens of the outter, and the filter of your imagination. 

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