30 Days of Writing to Me Challenge, Day 1: Why

Thursday, March 7, 2024


Challenge prompt:

In “Writing down the bones,” Natalie Goldberg says that it is good to ask ourselves, from time to time, why we write. 
Everyone has their reasons and here you don't need to justify yourself, just write why: because I don't want to forget about my life, because it's what I can do, because writing is the only thing that doesn't bore me, because I want to write novels and live. in a forest, because I can invent other worlds, because I want to live forever, because I have no one to talk to, because it hurts me, because it makes me happy, because it helps me remember, because it helps me forget. Just because.
It is good to have a timer to do these exercises and not stop moving your hand until the alarm goes off. Think about other formats: you can make a list, a mind map, a long paragraph.


I write because I want to create the kind of worlds I’d like to live in.

I write because I want to share my sorrows and shame so others know they are not alone.

I write because I want to pass on any knowledge I’ve gathered in this lifetime.

I write so I can give others the escape reading has always given me.

I write because there are characters living inside me that want to get out. 

I write because words are beautiful and powerful.

I write because there’s so much I want to say. 

I write so I can be vulnerable.

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